Email Settings on Zoho System

If you have requested it your email now routes through a partnership with Zoho servers to assist in avoiding any blacklisting problems that you may have been experiencing.

You emails will send and receive as per normal from you and there will be no record showing of Look-hosting or Zoho in any email you send.

You will now need to change some settings in your email program such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac Mail ,etc as well as settings for any email program you may be using on your IPhone or Samsung, etc.

You do not need to delete any existing email accounts nor create a new account, just change the settings as below.


Go into the settings of your existing account and make the following changes:

  1. Username is your full email address
  2. password will now be what we supplied
  3. Incoming mail server (POP3) is -  Change the Port to 995
  4. Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is – Change the Port to 465
  5. SSL needs to be ON for both incoming and outgoing mail server
  6. Outgoing mail server needs authentication needs to be turned ON.  The username if required is full email address and password is what we supplied

For Phone email settings make sure your default outgoing mail server (SMTP) is

Those are all the changes you need to make, you can send and receive as per normal and your email recipients will see your mails exactly as they did before.

NOTE: You will also no longer need to change the outgoing mail server if you connect to the internet with a different ISP


You can access webmail through the following address: NOTE You should log in to this at least once per 100 days to make sure your email account is kept active.

More Information

Here is some more information that may be useful:

  1. The incoming mail rate is 50 per minute and outgoing mail rate is 20 per minute. Note that while sending mails to other accounts, the mail delivery speed depends on a lot of factors like the load or mail queue on our end, the internet traffic, the load and response time of recipient mail servers.
  2. The storage allocated is 5 GB
  3. The per mail size allowed is 20 MB
  4. Number of mails that can be sent per day - 250
  5. Maximum number of recipients that can be included in a mail - 50
  6. Total number of recipients per day -1000
  7. Bounce count per day - 10
  8. Total Outgoing mail size per day - 200 MB
  9. Total Incoming mail size per day - 300 MB